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Executive Officers

Chairman: Dr Qaiser Abbas Zaidi
General Secretary: Dr Rashid Khan Swati
Treasurer: Dr Shahid Hussain Tajwani
Social Secretary: Dr Iqbal Naeem
Website co-ordinator: Dr Musa Sami

Executive Members

Kamila Haider East Midlands
Muhammad Gul West Midlands
Ali Mehdi South East
M Adnan Hafeez North West
Saman Khan Scotland
Salauddine Babur South London

The British Pakistani Psychiatrists Association (BPPA) is an association of Psychiatrists and allied mental health professionals in Britain of Pakistani heritage and cultural affiliation.  Become a member and register on the site to view the full site contents.

Row-1BPPA is a forum to represent and share the individual and collective views of its members to promote social and academic development among one another and with the wider British Society.

BPPA respects diversity among its members while fostering unity and supporting excellence in their professional and social roles. It organises academic conferences, courses and social functions to achieve its goals.

BPPA is at the forefront of offering its members job and career counselling, training and voicing the needs of trainees in Psychiatry.

BPPA is dynamic in supporting humanitarian causes and organises charitable activities to allay suffering of those effected by human and natural disasters.